Photographing Dolphins in the Wild

The cruises at Mirissa Sri Lanka are mainly for Whale Watching; or at least that is how they are advertised. Over the last decade or so Mirissa earned the reputation of being the best (Blue) Whale Watching destination in the World. However, Blue Whales are, as majestic as they are, shy creatures who hide more than half of their bodies underwater even when they surface to breath.

Dolphins on the other hand are remarkably friendly creatures. More often than not they put up shows for anticipating humans; but here’s the problem. Even when they put up a show, capturing action from jolting boats is not quite easy because of their speed.

However, when they follow boats and jump in air, their leaping pattern becomes somewhat predictable giving us a chance to capture their images. Mirissa is one of the best places for photographing dolphins in the wild.

On this day the sea was rough, the skipper of the boat was a bit of speed merchant, the ride was not that pleasant. All of a sudden a huge pod of Dolphins started following the boats. I tried to count; One, two, three, jump; One, two, three, Jump!

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When I saw this mother and calf pair, I zoomed in my 70-200 all the way to 200mm and grabbed a shot; missed it!! Grabbed another one but felt I saw two other shadows. I only saw the other two, landing adults when checking the images at home. I kept on counting, one two, three click….and I got the above image! They didn’t jump in the air again!


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