Online Workshop on Colour for Artists and Photographers

Session O1: Saturday 26 November 2022: 08:00 AM (Sri Lankan Standard Time)

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වැඩමුළුව සඳහා ලියාපදිංචි වීමට මෙහි පිවිසෙන්න

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sri-lanka-rises-struck by light-dinil-abeygunawardane

Struck by Light 2022 Relaunch

Struck by Light 2022 May 14th relaunch takes this gallery and blog towards a completely new direction.
The pictorial images have been taken out and the galleries now consist of what I engaged in, in a more socio-political sense.

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Sri Lanka Rises

The collective consciousness of Sri Lanka, perhaps due to a multitude of reasons, made the entire nation rise!
However, can the political leadership of Sri Lanka comprehend and ‘read’ the ongoing #OccupyGalleFace protest?
Do they understand the context of this resistance?

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Introduction to Lighting

In photography, Light and Lighting mean two interrelated, yet vastly different concepts. So what is the difference between light and lighting?
And why should all photographers learn the basic concepts behind photographic lighting?

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