Dinil Abeygunawardane is a Multimedia Content Creator, Photographer, Educator and a Scientific Solutions Provider for the Multimedia Industry, especially within the areas of Colour Science, Colour Management, Digital Printing and Offset Printing. 
His entry into photography was in the late 80’s as a school kid  in the southern Sri Lankan town of Matara.
After leaving school, and while engaging in Photography he developed a keen interest in the science behind photography, light, lighting and colour. 
Later on, in Perth, he started his first Commercial Photography and Colour Management Consultancy venture under the name ‘Visible Range’.
This website was initially the blog of the ‘Visible Range’ website.
After returning back to Sri Lanka he started the Institute of Multimedia Education in 2015/2016, to provide scientific education and related services to the multimedia industry, as well as a few other platforms for information sharing and knowledge dissemination.

Dinil’s community-based initiatives include the Alochana eMagazine, for curated humanities-based content in the Sinhala language, and COVIDINFO,  to help the public combat the COVID19 pandemic by empowering them with scientific information and advice in the native language.
In 2020, Sri Lanka’s national program on instructing the public about voting during the COVID pandemic was conceptualised, scripted, directed and produced/funded by the Institute of Multimedia Education under Dinil’s project leadership, with the collaborative institutional coverage support of the Sri Lanka Medical Association.
He is the co-author of Roopana – Sankalpa (Concepts of Visual Formations) 
Dinil is an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo and has been a medical practitioner since 1998 in Sri Lanka as well as in Australia.
His current interests in Medicine are in the areas of Wellbeing and Lifestyle Medicine.
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