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Dinil Abeygunawardane is a Melbourne-based photographer, writer, content creator, and educator in lens-based media and media arts. In addition to being a passionate multimedia communicator and educator, Dinil is an explorer in the interdisciplinary realms between science and art.

He first ventured into photography as a young schoolboy, captivated by its blend of artistry and scientific precision. Throughout his university years, his passion for photography continued to flourish, and he began to delve deeper into the craft of the medium, picking up a few skills along the way. It was during this time that he found a profound fascination for light and colour, prompting him to immerse himself in the study of lighting, colour science and colour management.

After completing his university education, he embarked on a 15-year, full-time career as a medical practitioner, first in Sri Lanka and then in Perth, Western Australia.
His involvement with medicine continued for nearly another 10 years as a part-time practitioner and a medical entrepreneur.

During his time in Perth, he launched ‘Visible Range,’ a Commercial Photography and Colour Management Consultancy start-up.
This website ‘Stuck by Light’ was originally called Visible Range and then became the blog section of the ‘Visible Range’ website when it went commercial.

Dinil’s passion for photography evolved into a broader explorations of other aspects of visual communication, encompassing its science, art, philosophy, politics, craft, and the industry.
At times, he forayed into various sub-genres within photography just for the experience.
Birds and Dolphins collections of this website are two examples of those sojourns.

Dinil currently spends time on his personal projects and also takes on promotional photography projects as the photography lead of SagePixels.

In 2015, he founded the Institute of Multimedia Education in Sri Lanka, dedicated to providing skill-based education to the multimedia industry.

Dinil has worked closely with Epson Sri Lanka and many printing establishments, conducting numerous colour management workshops and courses for the printing industry, and has established colour-managed printing workflows for small-scale as well as offset printers.

Dinil’s community-based initiatives include the Alochana eMagazine, offering curated humanities-based content in the Sinhala language, and COVIDINFO, the scientific information and advice platform in Sinhala language created to help the public of Sri Lanka combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, Sri Lanka’s national program for educating the public about voting during the COVID pandemic was conceptualised, scripted, directed, and produced/funded by the Institute of Multimedia Education under Dinil’s project leadership, with the support of the Sri Lanka Medical Association.
He is the co-author of Roopana – Sankalpa (Concepts of Visual Formations).

Dinil Abeygunawardane; author of Struck by Light - Photographer, Writer, Content Creator and Educator