Shooting freshly prepared food


Shooting freshly prepared real food is fun; chefs are usually quite a fun bunch to work with. However, fresh food photography is different from other types of food photography. During the shoot, the presentation is usually determined by the chef or rarely by the art director depending on the job.

Getting the look and feel exactly the way your client wants can be quite challenging. Once the ‘correct’ side of the plate is identified you need to set the lights. Some foods don’t last that long until the photographer fiddles with lights and the settings. Once everything is ready and the trial shots are satisfactory some food items need to be ‘redecorated’ for the hero shot.

The above shot was made during a shoot at the Cinnamon Bey Hotel Beruwala.

The shot below was on the table of the chef when we were doing a shoot at Cinnamon Lodge at Habarana



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