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People and Art – Picasso Century at the NGV

Two girls in front of Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso - Picasso Century - National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne, Australia - People and Art Photo Gallery - Struck by Light

Three youngsters around 15 years, bubbly, giggly, and disturbingly loud, ran past me!
Leader of the pack, the loudest, was one of the two girls.
She stood covering a placard, and asked, ‘Okay, what’s the title of this one’?

‘The city’
‘No wait wait..’
’Flying boats’
‘Underwater city’
The boy came up with an Aquaman reference I cannot remember now.

She stepped away from the placard, revealing the title.

‘The bay of Cannes’

Then they ran to the one next.

What a fascinating game it was!
Perhaps a game we should all play at exhibitions?
And this reminded me of lots of my friends who claim ‘they don’t get art’!

What makes art so arcane and enigmatic?
Is it the art itself, or is it the way we have positioned art, deliberately?

Isn’t it better to look at art through our own eyes and let us feel whatever we authentically feel rather than be pretentious and highfalutin?

I heard ‘that is boring’ at least twice during the little time I followed those kids.

The exhibition by the way was ‘The Picasso Century’ at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

After seeing it a couple of times and digging through my image libraries I though it was time to create a little galley here with some images I have collected over the last few years, about ‘people and art’!

People respond to art in different ways. Does art respond to people and spaces and metamorphose?   


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