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Struck by Light 2022 Relaunch

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Welcome to the newest version of Struck by Light, relaunched in May 2022!
This site itself is taking a transformational journey, just like me!

The very first version of this site was ‘visible range’, a very simple, flat, hand-coded web gallery. The following version was a slight improvement on the first.
After a couple of years, I opened up a little company for commercial photography and colour management consultancy in Perth, under the same name as the website! At that point, ‘this site’ became the gallery and the blog of the official site of Visible Range (Pte) Ltd.
After a whileI picked the name Struck by Light and ported the gallery and blog portions of the site to the current domain ‘Struck by Light’.

Struck by Light is my personal publishing space! Therefore, it should be easy to create, manage and push the content out; but it was not! The last update of the Struck by Light galleries was in 2015.

There were too many things to think about!
Too many opinions!
Too many people including clients, students and trainees to do right by!

I always wondered whether the pictures were right for my audiences! Not anymore!

What you see here are the projects that I’m involved in, what I think, what I do, my opinions, and how I frame the world via my viewfinder as per my vision, opinions and passions!

Almost all the eye candy and pictorial stuff from the old site has been removed, including the wildlife and nature galleries!

If what you see here interests you somehow, kindly let me know in the comments section or via one of the social media channels.
Thank you for visiting Struck by Light!


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